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Vehicle Air Conditioning


Choose All-Air Ltd: Very competitive prices and superior product knowledge

Vehicle safety is enhanced through comfort cooling and dehumidifying; drivers are more alert and have better visibility when window demisting becomes necessary. At highway speeds, vehicle air conditioning can lower greenhouse gas output compared to open window driving, which increases fuel consumption due to aerodynamic drag. This trade off between air conditioning and additional carbon dioxide generation due to lost fuel efficiency is frequently overlooked.


All-Air Ltd is committed to responsible use and management of CFC and HFC refrigerants. The industry actively promotes the following principles which we follow:

  • Contain air conditioning refrigerants in tightened systems to minimize atmospheric releases;
  • Recover, recycle and reclaim all refrigerants;
  • Train all personnel in proper handling of air conditioning refrigerant;
  • Design equipment to minimize refrigerant amount;
  • Design, install and operate to maximize energy efficiency;
  • Minimize leakage of refrigerant during initial filling of vehicle air conditioners;
  • Continue research, development and evaluation of all alternatives.
All-Air Ltd has one full-time and one part-time mechanic, enabling various types of work to be provided.
  • Automotive Repairs
  • Vehicle Inspection
  • Automotive Air Conditioning

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